Week 1 (June 6-12, 2016)

June 6: I didn’t have to go anywhere, THANK GOD.

June 7: First day at Sapient. It’s a 40 minute walk and a 20 minute bus ride. I decided to walk. THEN, once the Sapient folks learned about my experiment, they offered to walk and train it with me everywhere vs. taking an Uber that would be covered by the company (awwweeee shucks).

June 8: Walked to Sapient and bussed it back.

June 9: Bussed it to Sapient and back, that was it.

June 10: Holy craaaap. I got so lost trying to get to Five Star. I must have walked 50 minutes. Then, trying to get home, we got lost (Katie was kind enough to get drunk and lost with me) and we must have walked a good 45 minutes to get back to our hood.

June 11: After so much walking, I couldn’t leave the apartment.

June 12: Walked to meet Miranda and Joe for dinner (20 minutes each way).


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