30 Days of “Facebreak”

I’m off of Facebook for the next 28 days.

Ever since the election results, social media has been both a blessing and a curse to me. The good part mobilizes people and helps teach us ways we can resist the new administration. The bad part is the constant negativity and people bitching about what you are doing (because they feel you didn’t do it right) or people bitching about everything yet doing nothing about it. Clearly, I need to get some perspective.

February 2017

So, I had to take Facebook off my phone and iPad and sign out on my home and work computers. Because if I didn’t muscle memory would take over and I’d keep opening it by accident. It’s like the morning after getting a short hair cut when you use way too much shampoo. I’m amazed how many times I thought about checking “it” and “it” wasn’t there.

About two weeks in, I did check it. I had 99+ notifications so I periodically cleared those out. I just breezed through them to see if any were urgent or about potential jobs. None of them were. I found that if people wanted to get in touch with me they would message me. The cool part about Facebook Messenger is that you don’t have to be “on” Facebook to get a message. Messenger is it’s own app. If people messaged me, I asked them to text me if they wanted to talk.

Things I noticed being off Facebook:

-I checked my news apps way more often when I wasn’t on Facebook.

-I was less social in real life because I didn’t realize how much I used Facebook to tag along with people or invite people out in real life.

-I missed being able to share possible jobs I heard or read about with colleagues via my Facebook job sharing closed groups.

-I was less angry about politics and became more actively involved in real life vs. just posting opinions to my bubble.

-I didn’t miss sharing or reading updates like I thought I would.

I’ve been back on Facebook a week now posted once. I used to post daily. In short, I think I’m going to look at Facebook more as a tool now. Sure, I’ll post but those posts are going to be more thought out and not so frequent.



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